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"As a ‘farmer’, water is everything.
Windmills are essence. And timeless. A testament to inhospitable places,
perseverance and dreams coming true. But it is also testament to how we as
humans have reshaped nature. And at times testament to nature having the last
laugh. The thread of the series is the windmill. "

Terry's Windmills are hand drawn and then super-imposed onto a landscape photograph she had taken along the way - similar to the way that we as  mankind have positioned ourselves into the landscape and tried to control it – for better or worse. Sadly, I am not sure nature can recover as she once did. This series is young and just beginning. 


Terry had always had a tendency to stop a while and put pen, pencil, paint,
pastel, light (photography) ...or any combination of materials ... onto paper.

They may take the form of images, drawings, words or various experimental and
experiential combinations as mixed media. Most recently she has been re-exploring the combination of drawing and photography. Photography as Illusion
is a theme that has always fascinated her.

Having spent many years working in the bush as a field guide and
conservationist, later as a game farmer, nature and conservation is not only
close to Terry's heart but it's her greatest source of inspiration.

Terry's Windmill Series was begun in response to reading that WW3 is likely to
begin over water, not land or religion or any other reason. Terry's opinion about Windmills are that they are symbolic of our need and search for water. 

There is more to the story and more artworks in progress.


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