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Nqobile Victor Mkhungo is an artist originally from Durban, but is currently based in Johannesburg.  As young artist, Nqobile trained under the mentorship of Diedre Harris, based in Kloof from 2002 until 2006.  His passion for art and design has directed his career.  Having completed an Architecture Diploma in 2010 at the Durban University of Technology, Nqobile started working as an architectural Technologist & 3D graphics impressionist.

Nqubile’s works have been included in a number of art exhibitions organized by Kizo Art Gallery, EThekwini municipality and the Department of Economics & development.  He has also partaken in the Dante Alighieri Italian Competition, KZNSA members annual exhibition and The Joburg Fringe.

Nqobile works mainly in oils, graphite, charcoal, chalk and polychromes colour pencils.  As daytime profession, he specialises in the production of architectural 3D graphic impressions for architects & interior designers.  “Being in this profession has taught me to appreciate other people’s culture and their ways of life.  From that appreciation, I’m able to derive inspiration to produce my artworks.”

Stylistically Nqobile’s approach combines realism, expressionism and impressionism.  His works reflect the influence and inspiration of the skyline of the Johannesburg metropolis, the mighty AmaZulu that were once lead by King Shaka, the mix masala of culture’s in Durban which creates a cuisine, the chants of Selif keita, Youssou N’ Dour, Ismael Lo & Phuzekhemisi.

“Ukuhlehla kwenqama akush’ukuthi iyesaba, kodwa isuk’ibuyisa amandla (when a ram steps back in a sparring match, it doesn’t mean that it’s afraid, however it’s gaining its strength”. - we need to know where we come from.