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Recent Exhibition: TRANSPOSE

TRANSPOSE: A Group Exhibition by EGLAF Arts Collective was on show at The Argentine Chapel, The Van Rooyen Hall and Convention Centre, Piet Bosman Street, Potchefstroom from 24 - 30 November, online showcase concludes January 2019.

The curatorial concept for this exhibition is rooted in the ambiguous implications of ‘TRANSPOSE’.  In its broadest terms, this transitive verb implies change.  Though generally used to refer to the act of two or more things exchanging places or altering in sequence or order, finer nuances of meaning can be found in specific applications of the term in scientific, musical and mathematical contexts:  In science transposition implies transformation – changing in form or nature – a metamorphosis of sorts. 


In music, transposing a piece describes the writing or performing of a composition in a different key.  In mathematics, transposing defines the act of bringing a term from one side of an algebraic equation to the other with the change of sign, similar to translating or rendering into another language, style of manner of expression in literature.  Transposition therefor indicates a shift, a re-positioning, taking on a different approach or engaging with a different perspective to bring forth a possibility for deeper understanding.  To transpose is to transmute, to be altered, to change from one nature, substance, form or condition into another – to transform. 

Change itself is constant and rendered no less inevitable when met with resistance. This exhibition explores the reality of change.      


By showcasing works that are varied in terms of medium and concept, where each artist’s approach is subjective, and through the layering of different interpretations and narratives a culture of inclusiveness and openness to healthy discourse is encouraged. A reminder that change brings forth expansion and opportunity and the possibility for deeper understanding.

Participating artists include: André Austin, Christopher Smith, Densie Phillips, Elna Venter, Eugene Pieterse, Jessica le Roux, Jonel Scholtz, Landi Anina Terblanche, Laurence Moorcroft, Lehlohonolo Dlamini, Marco Kuhn, Neil Nieuwoudt, Reece Swanepoel, Riëtte Drevin, Simón Wepener, Tarien Engelbrecht, Tatiana Kelm, Terry Reinecke Ellis and Welcome Moloi.