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Koos Van der Wat's paintings serve as windows to the chaotic quantum reality that exists outside of human perception, whether on the macroscopic or microscopic level. It is here where strange archetypes and symbols emerge that inform his civilizational work. The paintings are snapshots of this ever-flowing electromagnetically animated dreamscape where phenomena fluctuate between waves and particles. It is here where we can see the appearance of particles
from the 'Grid of Nature'.


The Grid of Nature (G.O.N) is a divine particle system that distinguishes the different Modes of Nature as described in Ancient Sanskrit. It is a system that has many practical applications in daily life and is the basis of the Super Excellent Cities, a completely new approach to urban design. 


Philosophically, his work is particularly inspired by twentieth century philosophers and mystics who aspired to some kind of next step in consciousness that will provide us with technology that can take us beyond the solar system. These include Robert Anton Wilson, Terrence Mckenna, Aleister Crowley and Srila Prabhupada. Koos became interested in combining mysticism and technological aspirations after his vision of the Super Excellent City started lining up with writings he discovered much later. His aim is to provide a tangible experience through multiple mediums of these future and parallel realities that emerge from his engagement with the canvas.


Koos Van der Wat is a multimedia artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. His mediums include Acrylic, Digital, Architecture, Performance, Photography, 3D, Film and also Music, in which he covers a wide variety of genres. He completed his degree in Visual Communication at the Open Window Academy in Pretoria in 2006. Since then he has participated in multiple group shows and attended the Chateau Orquevaux Residency in France. He is the grandson of South African artist Hannatjie Van der Wat, who has had a definite influence on his bold use of colour, as well as introducing him to her friend Elizabeth Klarer's book 'Beyond the Light Barrier'. As a young child, this book, whether true or not, opened him to the idea that communication with extra-terrestrials can be a personal affair as opposed to being regulated by the government as understood in popular culture.

His artistic vision stems from his interest in opening portals to alternate realities, as well as to introduce a whole parallel dimension to this earth in order to attract mass extra-terrestrial trade. 

It is through his paintings that symbols emerge that inform his civilizational work. By combining the etheric forces of Neptune and Uranus to bring about the NU World Order, an alternate civilization is gently being superimposed on the current one.

2008 : Cosmic Materialism at the Picture Workshop, Parkview, Johannesburg
2009 : Sasol New Signatures, Pretoria Art Gallery
2011 : Group Exhibition - "The Whatness of Allhorse", Pretoria 
           Group Exhibition - Jan Celliers Kuns Uitstalling, Johannesburg 
2012 : Group Exhibition - "Friday the 13th Art & Music Exhibition",                           
Melville, Johannesburg 
           Group Exhibition - 'Flights of Fancy', Pretoria 
2013 : Year Zero : King Kong, Johannesburg (April 17)
           Group Exhibition - Liminal Space, Pretoria 
2014 : Group Exhibition - Death Pegasus Listening Party, 
           Kalashnikovv Gallery, JHB
           Geocorporolitica, The Boiler Room, Braamfontein JHB
           The...Ism, Newtown, Johannesburg
           Group Erotic Exhibition, Cape Town
2016 : Group Exhibition - Gallery on 6th, Parkhurst, Johannesburg
2017 : Blue Lies, White Truths - Performance Art, WITS, Johannesburg
2018 : Chateau Orquevaux Art Residency, France
Group Show : Dunkelder Theater, Johannesburg
Ten Years of Transcendental High Art, Johannesburg


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