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The ceramic dinner plates that I create takes a look at the drastic fall in traditional family dinners, especially in South Africa. After research done, it became apparent that families rarely spend time together around a table, sharing meals, traditions or stories anymore. These plates become remnants of conversations that could have been shared around a dinner table. The topics range from health issues, emotional issues, life and death and various social, political, economical or natural concerns. The plates serve as a warning against the decline in conversations as a whole that humans are losing touch with. A dystopian feeling can be connected to the plates, as they could be seen as lost conversations and neglected communication of ancestors to future generations.


I was born in Kroonstad on the 24 th of March, 1995. My first impressions of life as I know it, sprung from the small ceramic studio my mother had on the farm where I grew up. Nature and art has always literally been just on my doorstep.


Although I always had access to ceramics and playing with clay as a child, I intensively started making ceramic sculptures to sell to the public in grade 9. The school I attended did not offer art as a subject after grade 9, so I took it in my own hands to educate myself on the subject of art. Constantly drawing, sculpting and creating, I graduated from Parys high school in 2013 and applied for graphic design at the Northwest University in Potchefstroom.


While I wanted to study fine arts in either Pretoria or Stellenbosch, my father decided that Potchefstroom would be the ultimate place for me to spread my wings. Even though Potchefstroom did not offer fine arts, I went on to study graphic design in 2014.


I decided to make the most of my circumstances and do my utmost best to further develop my creative interest, so I regularly enter competitions and attend markets with my ceramics.

In 2017 I won one of the merit awards at the Sasol New signatures competition, since then the demand for my work has grown and I have the privilege to create and experiment with ceramics as regularly as I can. My works range from sculptures to plates, teapots and even jewelry. Behind each work lies a premeditated concept executed throughout each work.


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