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EGLAF Arts is a multifaceted and interdisciplinary arts project designed to promote, exhibit and sell contemporary art by the variety of young established artist within the collective.

The concept for the EGLAF Arts Collective online gallery arouse out of a need for an alternate platform to promote and build the reputation and success of both the collective and the individual affiliations within, whilst simultaneously presenting our patrons and the general public with curated exhibitions and relevant accompanying content.


  • Integrity – to promote artistic -, conceptual – and professional integrity.

  • Collaboration – to fuel creative exploration and share in the vast benefits of united efforts and support as part of a multifaceted and interdisciplinary approach.

  • Quality – to provide quality products, service, content and overall experience of artists, patrons and general audiences alike.


EGLAF Arts Collective Online Gallery is conceptualized around the following objectives:

  1. Advocacy and Promotion - To present the artists’ work to new audiences and build the online presence and following of the collective as well as the members thereof.

    1. By creating a constant feed of content on various social media platforms.

    2. By creating an online portfolio for each participating artist, and furthermore by creating a platform on which to organise and publish existing and new text that explore the thinking and working process of the artists.

    3. Take a leading role in scholarly and professional research and debate in the arts and share knowledge broadly within the arts sector and the community.

    4. To act as non-exclusive agent by advocating members’ art to galleries, exhibitions, publications, competitions and commissions.

  2. Collection and exhibitions - To develop a significant collective of artists and deliver compelling exhibitions that are thought provoking, socially relevant, relatable and accessible.

    1. Develop the collection, with a focus on expanding the collective, presenting online exhibitions and touring contemporary art exhibitions and by extension building the gallery’s commitment to art and artists.

    2. Curate memorable, dynamic and diverse exhibitions, projects and programs by collaboration.

    3. By actively taking part in arts festivals, fairs and other exhibition opportunities by means of group shows and pop-up exhibits.

    4. Create events where visitors, patrons and members of the collective can interact and network with other artists, curators and different art forms [this will be a specific objective of coinciding workshops, walkabouts, talks and demonstrations] to become aware of the various possibilities that the arts present.

  3. Patronage and audience engagement – To build our community of patrons and organisational capability to deliver the best value of content and service.

    1. To introduce visitors to the virtual gallery space, different art forms, mediums and contexts in an attempt to make gallery space and art more accessible

    2. Deepen engagement with art, artists and ideas by offering a mediated enquiry system, discussion platforms and accompanying text, articles and research.

    3. Provide exceptional experiences in terms of online and onsite patronage.

    4. Enable and market opportunities for commissioning of individual artists within the collective

  4. Collaboration and partnership - To develop sustainable partnerships with artists and affiliations to increase support for an inspiring and ambitious program.

    1. Collaborate with leading galleries, museums, arts, tourism and media partners to present exhibitions and high-quality cultural experiences.

    2. Collaborate with institutional and knowledge partners to develop audiences and promote understanding of art.

    3. Extend the reach of the collective by developing models for maximum audience outreach by collaboration with existing platforms and pooled resources.

    4. Demonstrate leadership within the arts sector and sustain a collaborative, innovative and inclusive organisation.