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ARTISTS AND POETS: EGLAF Arts Collective and Laurel Magazine present and open call for submissions

EGLAF Arts Collective and Laurel Magazine have been working together to promote the arts since 2017 and are pleased to present our newest interdisciplinary collaborative venture: BOX-ED│BE-DOOSD.

This multifaceted project is aimed at promoting young and established artists and writers by means of an exhibition, interactive workshops and demonstrations and an EGLAF Editorial Press Collector’s Edition alternative catalogue.  

We invite artists, writers and designers to submit their applications to participate in this project to and respectively.

Submission deadline: 14 March 2019, 18h00.
Opening event: Thursday 28 March 2019, 19h00. @ EGLAF Contemporary, Potchefstroom.
First interactive event: Sunday 31 March 2019 @ 11h00.

Submission guidelines for both poetry and art follows the concept below.


The instinctive reaction to being confined by others, limited, and pinned down, is to strike out. When angered by sharp classification, the human impulse is moved to a self-awareness and the power of creation. In Afrikaans the expression “bedoosd” aptly conveys the tenaciousness of the identity as it reacts to being “boxed in”, as it were. When you are “bedoosd”, you are restrained by narrow, box-like impressions; either you hold these narrow views, or you are reduced by them. Either which way, both elicit the same headstrong, ragingly determined, “bedoosd” kind of response. Fittingly, the Middle English for “box” also pertains to “a blow” of sorts. 

We are all boxed in and “bedoosd” in our own ways. The more daring folk attempt to yield from these constraints something as moving as art. 

The artworks and poems that form part of this exhibition will be featured in BOX-ED|BE-DOOSD: the EGLAF Editorial Collector's Edition alternative catalogue: A 10x10x10cm wooden box containing high quality prints and accompanying text.



We accept any media and dimension but strongly prefer pieces in square format due to the nature of the catalogue as well as curatorial vision.Artist warrants that he/she created and possesses unencumbered title to the submitted artworks.

To submit, please email the following to
1 - The EGLAF Contemporary Consignment Form (Excel document available in the list of quick links below) to identify titles, media, dimensions, dates and pricing of works and any additional notes or context on the pieces.
    • Artworks must be for sale and priced
        accordingly (including 40% gallery 
    • Artworks must be transportable.      
    • Artworks must be either framed,
         mounted, stretched and ready to
2 - Up to 5 digital images (JPGs) of works you hope to have selected for the exhibition and catalogue. Name each JPG with your first initial, last name and image number (example: JSmith1.jpg JSmith2.jpg JSmith3.jpg). 
Please note that sculpture and installation submissions must include print ready square format photos of the piece with a black or white background.
3 -  A photo of yourself (voluntary)
4 - An artist statement consisting of up to 300 words describing your body of work in one separate Word document (required for new EGLAF participants); 
5 - A short biography and/or resume in one separate Word document (required for new EGLAF participants).

We accept only original work that has not been previously published (for example; in online or print magazines, journals, chapbooks, etc.)

To submit, please email the following to
1 - The completed POETRY application form available on our website;
2 - Your submission as MS Word doc/docx or PDF; 
    • Poets may submit up to 5 poems (no
         word limit) 
    • Prose writers may submit up to 3
         pieces (4000-word limit) 
    There are no format requirements,
    feel free to use your preferred font
    and style (P.S. Our editor favourites
    Garamond).  Please do not send us
    screenshots of your submissions, we
    reject them straight away.
3 - A photo of yourself (voluntary)
4 - A JPG image(s) of a hand written version or draft of your submission(s) for exhibition display purposes (voluntary).